Interior Design Tips

  • 22 Jan, 2023

Interior design tips for everyone

Creating a home interior design that you adore can be a delightful experience. All you need is an interior designer’s insight, and that’s easy to find. We’ve put together the top insider tips and tricks to help you make your dream home and have fun in the process! Read the best interior design tips 2023 below!

The best interior design tips 2023

1. Set a Colour Scheme For Your Home Interior Design

Pick three to five colours that will be the most prominent in your home. If you’re unsure, pick a tone based on the feeling you want for your home interior design. Alternatively, use your clothes as a guide as we tend to buy clothes in shades that suit our personalities.

2. Higher Ceiling with Vertical Lines

Make a room feel bigger than it is, by using a vertical illusion. Vertical stripes from wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or curtains will make the ceiling feel higher up than it is. Floor-to-ceiling drapes can also make a room feel uber luxurious.

3. Try Different Home Design Layouts

Try different layouts. Sometimes, all a home needs is a little furniture shuffle. Consider taking a Feng Shui approach, particularly in distinctly individual spaces like the study, bedroom, and bathroom. Start by planning your home interior’s layout then adjust until you’re happy.

4. Perfect Picture Height

Show off your artwork by making sure you hang them at the correct height. Ideally, your primary piece of art, or horizontal centerline of a gallery wall, should be eye-level, which is around 57” from the floor. Measure from the fitting or cord on the back of the art piece and not the top of the frame.

5. Use Plants: The Instant Updater

Add fresh greenery into your home interior design when you want a quick, effortless and budget-friendly home refresh. Choose evergreen plants like peace lilies and fiddle leaf figs that are air-purifying and low maintenance.