16Pcs Rug Grippers, Reusable Non Slip Rug Sticker

16Pcs Rug Grippers, Reusable Non Slip Rug Sticker
Categories: Coverings, Wood Floor
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SUPERIOR ADHESIVE AND SAFETY: Ideal for all kinds of carpets, round, rectangular, square, indoors and outdoors, effective on wooden floors, tiles, marble, laminate and linoleum. You can wipe them down to increase their adhesive properties. Just rub a little alcohol or water. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue! IMPROVE YOUR HOME DECORATION: No more curling corners ruining your home’s aesthetic. Now you can enjoy perfectly flat corners, smooth centers and spotless rugs throughout your home. Add these hard plastic, cushioned, highly adhesive centered pads under your carpets and complete your floors like never before! 16 PACK MASSIVE VALUE COMPLETELY REUSABLE: Double sided tape is equivalent to 16 pieces of carpet sticker, saving the half the money, stronger grip and real reuse. EASY TO USE AND NO TRACE: Boasting incredible grip and advanced carpet tape technology, these hard plastic centered pads will firmly stand up to other rug grippers, the rug gripper caps will never let you