50cm L x 40cm W Recessed Laundry Sink

50cm L x 40cm W Recessed Laundry Sink
Brand: Tramontina
Size: 22.5 H x 55.0 W x 45.0 D cm
143.99 GBP
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This satin finish stainless steel laundry inset sink from Tramontina is perfect to have installed in a laundry or utility room as it has an angled, ribbed washboard on the front side which is an extremely useful feature when it comes to hand washing laundry, although the sink can also be used for many other purposes. It measures 40cm x 50cm, with a depth of 22.5cm and a capacity of 34l It has a 3 ½" drain valve, is durable, hygienic, easy to clean and under the sink is a sound-absorbing material which reduces noise when using the sink, for example when water is running. It is important to read the installation manual fully for correct procedure prior to installation - top mount installation.