'A Radical Composition - Autumn Gifts' - Unframed Photograph Print on Canvas

'A Radical Composition - Autumn Gifts' - Unframed Photograph Print on Canvas
Categories: Brands, August Grove
Brand: August Grove
Color: brown
Size: 50.0 H x 120.0 W x 1.8 D cm
129.99 GBP
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This wall art is a high-quality class picture on canvas. The canvas used for pictures is a high-quality waterproof material. The canvas is stretched on a frame. The sides and edges are printed to form a continuation of the painting, thereby increasing the aesthetics and improving the visual effect. The picture is ready to hang on the wall with a tag attached to the frame and an attachment kit. The canvas is made using modern printing technology. The print of the canvas pictures in the product continues on the picture sides thus creating a great visual effect. They use organic, odourless and durable pigment ink with deep colour saturation. The picture is covered with laminate, which protects against colour fade and minor mechanical damage. After lamination the canvas is waterproof. The picture can be cleaned, rubbed and touched without showing smudges or fingerprints. The surface of the picture is resistant to UV rays. During transport, each picture element is properly wrapped in plastic bubble wrap to protect it from damage. The picture is placed in a rigid, multi-layer solid carton. Size: 50cm H x 120cm W x 1.8cm D