Alanii Clothes Peg

Alanii Clothes Peg
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: blue,gray,white
Size: 8.4 H x 1.8 W x 3.5 D cm
22.99 GBP
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Hang your washing out in confidence with our general purpose, weather resistant clothes pegs. They are made from durable plastic with rust resistant coil springs for a strong hold. The pack of 72 comes as a mixed pack of three colours grey, white and aqua, complete with a handy little peg basket to keep all pegs in one location. It has a built-in handle for carrying and simply hooks onto the washing line. It moves along the clothes line as you are pegging out your clothes. The holes allow any excess water to drain out if you left it out overnight. Features:72 soft grip, strong hold plastic pegs in assorted colours; white, grey and aqua The soft touch is designed to be gentle on clothes, the soft cushioned pads help minimize any pressure imprints on your clothesThe soft grip cushioned pad which is shaped to fit your finger providing a better and more comfortable grip when hanging out your washing Each peg is shaped with grooves for a better grip when hanging out your washing. They are made from durable plastic rust resistant coil springs for a strong holdGreat for indoor and outdoor use the pegs are weather resistant, suitable for all weather types and can be used indoors too things like clothes airers; no more falling socks Use on all types of clothing our strong pegs are designed to hold all types of laundry items from undergarments, childrens clothes to larger items such as jeans, bed linen, towels and moreSave energy drying your clothes naturally saves energy and your money, no expensive dryer bills Multi-use get crafty and use the pegs for hanging photos, holding paperwork together in the office, closing a bag in the kitchen and more The basket boasts a convenient hook that hangs from washing line while you peg out your clothes and features holes so any excess water can drain out Made from durable plastic and its lightweight even when full so its easy to move around Spacious peg basket/ caddy holds up to approx. 100 standard sized pegs (please note 72 included) and has a built-in hook-on handle to allow it to attach to most washing lines Peg Size: H:8.4 x W:1.8 x D:3.5cm approx.Peg Basket Size: H:13 x W:23 x D:15.5cm approx.