Anderson Hang 'n' Lock Cabinet - Croydex

Anderson Hang 'n' Lock Cabinet - Croydex
Categories: Furniture, Cabinets
Brand: Croydex
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Hang ’n’ Lock Cabinets 1. Fix HnL Bracket Assemble the Hang ‘N’ Lock bracket sections making sure all parts are slotted tightly together. Attach the Hang ‘N’ Lock bracket to the wall. 2. Level HnL Bracket With the Hang ‘N’ Lock bracket loosely attached to the wall, adjust for height and level by rotating the cams with a flat head screwdriver. 3. Hang the cabinet Align the center of the cabinet with the centreline of the Hang ‘N’ Lock bracket and then carefully hang the cabinet on the bracket. 4. Secure the cabinet Lock the cabinet securely in place. Croydex Anderson Hang ’n’ Lock Cabinet You don’t have to be a DIY pro to install this luxurious illuminated Hang ’n’ Lock™ cabinet. The ingenious, easy to fit Hang ’n’ Lock™ bracket takes any struggles away. Simply attach the bracket and adjust using the built in spirit level. When happy, lift and hang the perfectly level cabinet in place. It really couldn’t be easier! Inspired by New England styling with white wooden tongue and groove