Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet - Black - Black

Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet - Black - Black
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This large aquarium tank is perfect for anyone looking to create a modern and tranquil feature in an office or reception area, or hobbyists looking to expand their current marine or tropical tank. With so many great features built in, this fish tank has all you need to set up your own aquarium. Black trim glass tank and matching blackbine cat 300L capacity tank Curved edge 11m thick glass for 180 degrees of viewing fish Efficient air pump LED light 300W heater Built-in filter sits over entire length of tank which increases surface area of filter medium and makes it very efficient with a 1800 L/H rate Filter media included Two cupboard cabinet with hinged doors & one shelf Hinged feeding hatch FREE 12 month electrical warranty The curved edges of the front glass panel give you an epic 180 degree view of the fish, shilt the two door cabinet has plenty of space for storing books and DVD’s, as well as fish cleaning equipment and accessories. Please note we advise customers do their