Boston Soft Close Elongated Standard Toilet Seat

Boston Soft Close Elongated Standard Toilet Seat
Brand: Tiger
Color: white
Size: 5.5 H x 4.5 W x 37.0 D cm
89.47 GBP
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The bathroom concept is powerful and elegant at the same time due to its robust design combined with the round design. The same goes for this toilet seat that fits perfectly between the toilet brush, toilet roll holder and other accessories from this line. These stylish toilet seats feature a striking and continuous hinge in the colour chrome instead of the two typical separate hinges. It is also handy because with one push on the button you remove the seat from the toilet bowl, making it ideal for cleaning. Made of Duroplast, a high-quality type of plastic, which fits perfectly with the toilet bowl due to its white colour and ceramic appearance. The toilet seat has soft-close technology so that the seat closes gently and the ceramic of the toilet bowl is not damaged when closing the seat. Equipped with extra reinforced screws to prevent sliding and shifting. Before replacing your toilet seat, it is advisable to have a look at the line drawing of this article. It contains all the necessary measurements, and if they match your toilet bowl you are assured that it attaches firmly.