Chichaoua 1-Light Crystal LED Chandelier

Chichaoua 1-Light Crystal LED Chandelier
Categories: Brands, Fairmont Park
Brand: Fairmont Park
Color: yellow
169.99 GBP
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The bulbous-shaped light is individually handcrafted using only the most skilled and refined craftsmanship making it as high quality and durable as we can. The lighting features a decorative rustic warm finish with a matching tone in the smooth glass. The modern decorative design of the pendant perfectly matches any room or space while its uniqueness will elevate the elegance of your surroundings as if it were a modern art piece. It’s quick and easy to install, coming with an installation kit, as well as an adjustable chord (max length: 1 meter) for you to customize your lighting preference. This premium decorative pendant light was made with your convenience in mind.