Claymore Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seat

Claymore Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seat
Brand: Wenko
Color: white
Size: 45.0 W x 390.0 D cm
62.24 GBP
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These innovative acrylic toilet seats from Belfry Bathroom, with their high-gloss acrylic surfaces, bring a breath of fresh air to any bathroom or guest toilet. In addition to its classic white design, the comfortable toilet seat has practical additional functions; the Easy-Close soft close mechanism prevents the annoying noise of the lid slamming. Light pressure is enough, and the lid closes automatically, quietly, and gently. The hygienic Fix-Clip fastening made of rustproof stainless steel not only enables quick installation but also ensures simple and thorough cleaning, as the entire seat can be easily attached and removed for cleaning. The toilet seat can also be flexibly adapted to conventional toilets. It is made of high-quality duroplast and looks like ceramic. Duroplast is a hard plastic that is extremely break-proof and has an extremely hard surface, making this toilet seat stable, durable, and long-lasting. Duroplast does not lose its shine, even after many years of use. With its non-porous surface, duroplast sets extremely high standards in terms of hygiene. Duroplast toilet seats do not contain environmentally hazardous materials and, are, therefore gentle on the skin.