Ferplast Dog Crate Superior 60 62X47x50 Cm Black

Ferplast Dog Crate Superior 60 62X47x50 Cm Black
Brand: vidaXL
Size: 50.0 H x 62.0 W x 47.0 D cm
99.99 GBP
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From the first moments of their life in a new home, your puppy needs a lot of attention and training. This 62x47x50 cm Superior 60 folding dog crate by Ferplast is specially designed to meet these important needs. It helps toilet train the puppy at home, creates a safe space within the home environment similar to a den, and transports your faithful friend in the car’s trunk. As it is equipped with a divider panel, the pet crate easily adapts to the growth of the puppy. The crate is sturdy and solid. It is made of metal mesh with plastic frames and a base with large ventilation grilles that allow excellent visibility of your friend. Additionally, the roof can be completely opened and removed, convenient as it allows you to pet the dog. The doors, reinforced with a double safety lock, are large and allow easy access to your friend. The plastic base ensures a dry and stable environment for your friend, thanks to the special draining system and non-slip surface. In addition, the bottom features non-slip rubber pads that keep the crate firm to the floor during use. Note: If you have a puppy, we recommend choosing the crate based on the size of your dog as they become an adult.