Fiesta Free-Standing Toilet Brush & Holder

Fiesta Free-Standing Toilet Brush & Holder
Brand: Wenko
Color: white
Size: 37.0 H x 14.5 W x 14.5 D cm
37.73 GBP
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The toilet set brings function and design to every bathroom and guest toilet. All toilet brush holders impress with their playful shape and the transparent outer container combined with a colored inner insert. The toilet brush holders are made of hard-wearing, hygienic plastic. The practical toilet set in subtle white/transparent cleans the toilet thoroughly. The brush ensures reliable use thanks to its hard-wearing and adaptable bristles. The high-quality, black brush head is made of silicone. Its special anti-stick effect ensures that stubborn residues and toilet paper do not get stuck in the brush, but are simply flushed away during cleaning. This clever brush always stays hygienic and cleans itself. Delivery includes a toilet brush with a black, replaceable silicone brush head with a diameter of 8.5cm.