Gärkeller Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser

Gärkeller Single Tap Freestanding Beer Dispenser
Brand: Klarstein
Size: 69.0 H x 33.7 W x 33.7 D cm
232.92 GBP
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The universal helper for fermentation or storage: Whether light or dark, dry or sweet, wine or beer, this brew kettle makes fresh pre-wort become delicious beer and fruit juice become the best wine! Whether you are a beginner winemaker or an experienced hobby brewer, there is a lot going on in the beer grower and barley or fruit juice produces airtight beer or wine. Up to 30 litres of mixture can be left to brew in this large stainless steel kettle. The fixed clamps hold the lid securely in place and prevent the fermentation process from being disturbed in an airtight fashion. The supplied fermentation tube makes sure you have the necessary pressure equalisation, without allowing oxygen to penetrate. The conical shape of the brewing kettle is particularly practical, with the yeast collecting at the bottom. The built-in drain cock is located above the cone, so that clear beer can be tapped at any time - the yeast collects at the bottom of the tank. It can then simply be removed and used for further brewing processes. In addition, a built-in thermometer ensures provides and reliable temperature monitoring, while the flexibly rotatable tap guarantees that the beer is clear when you pull it, even when the yeast is above the height of the tap. Of course, beer or wine could also ripen in any other container, but this beer fermenter is made of taste-fast 304 stainless steel: This ensures that the fermentation process always remains hygienic, as it is very easy to clean after use. This way nothing will cloud you enjoying your very own craft beer or fruit wine! Fresh beer from your own home brewery or wine from your own garden? Nothing easier than that: With this product, your hobby brewery is complete. Cheers!