Goodman Single Inset Kitchen Sink

Goodman Single Inset Kitchen Sink
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Size: 78.0 W x 50.0 D cm
179.99 GBP
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Franke Sirius 2.0 S2D 611-78 XL Tectonite Black sink features: . Dimensions (mm): 780 500 200 Basin dimensions (mm): 440 432 200 Type of installation: Built-in Drainer position: Reversible Faucet location: 2 positions, to be drilled Color: Black Overflow: Yes Cutout (mm): 764 484 Equipment included: Drain, siphon, drain pipes . ——————————————————— . What are the characteristics of Tectonite ? . It is a material for the new generation of sinks, made from a synthetic material called SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), until now mainly used in the automotive industry to produce components subject to heavy wear. A special fiberglass-coated surface ensures durability. Resistant to short-term high temperatures (up to 300degreesC), dirt deposits, scratches, chemicals and acids in food and kitchen cleaning products. Its lightness and impact resistance make it easy to handle and assemble. Finish: Grey