Harbor Freestanding Toilet Brush Set

Harbor Freestanding Toilet Brush Set
Brand: Wenko
Color: blue
Size: 71.0 H x 22.0 W x 15.0 D cm
37.24 GBP
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The Harbor Free-Standing Toilet Roll & Brush Holder has an original shape. It features a clever 2-in-1 combination of stainless steel and extra heavy plastic elements. It’s a decorative, flexible, and adjustable toilet roll and brush holder set with a closed design that keeps both the brush and paper close at hand. The toilet brush features a black replaceable brush head. Now you can thoroughly clean your toilet with this practical toilet brush. Thanks to its hard-wearing and adaptable bristles, the brush is particularly reliable. The toilet roll holder ensures that your toilet roll is always within reach. Colour: Grey/Brown/Blue