Heater And Seal for Hotpoint/Indesit/Whirlpool Dishwasher

Heater And Seal for Hotpoint/Indesit/Whirlpool Dishwasher
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Heater And Seal is a genuine spare part suitable for selected Hotpoint, Indesit and Whirlpool Dishwasher. Compatible with the following models: Hotpoint DIF16UK.R FDAL11010P FDAL28P FDDSN11010K FDDSN11010P FDEB10010P FDEB31010G FDEB31010P FDEL31010G FDEL31010P FDEL3101G FDEL3101P FDEM3101P FDF780A FDF780G FDF780K FDF780P FDF780PR FDF780X FDF784A.R FDF784G.R FDF784K.R FDF784P.R FDF784X.R FDFEX11011G FDFEX11011K FDFEX11011P FDFL11010G FDFL11010P FDFSM31011G FDFSM31011P FDFSM31011SB FDL570A FDL570A.R FDL570G FDL570G.R FDL570P FDL570P.R FDL570X FDL570X.R FDM550P FDM550P.R FDM554P FDM554P.R FDPF481G FDPF481K FDPF481P FDPF481X FDYB10011G FDYB11011P FDYF1100P FDYF11011G FDYF11011K FDYF11011P FDYF2100G FDYF2100K FDYF2100P HBC2B19UK HBC2B19XUK IDP148MD LFS114BUK LFS114BUK.R LFS114KUK LFS114WUK LFS114XUK LFS114XUK.R LFT04UK/TA LFT04UK/TA.R LFT114/HA LFT114UK LFT114UK.R LFT114UKR LFT2284AUK.R LFT228AUK LFT228AUK.R LSB5B019BUK LSB5B019WUK LSB5B019XUK LST216AUK LTB4B019UK LTF8B019CUK LTF8B019UK