Hotpoint TQ1460SNE Induction Hob

Hotpoint TQ1460SNE Induction Hob
Categories: Brands, Hotpoint
Brand: Hotpoint
Size: 91.6 H x 101.0 W x 69.8 D cm
332.41 GBP
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The Hotpoint TQ 1460S NE induction hob is there for you to help prevent cooking mishaps thanks to MyMenu. The four automatic cooking functions; melting - for delicate sauces, boiling - to rapidly reach boiling point, keep warm - to keep dishes at the perfect serving temperature, and slow cooking - ideal to slow cook meat. These automatic functions help you prepare any culinary creation, so you can cook with confidence. The hob also won’t boil over if you get distracted, so there’s no mess to worry about. Induction hobs are the fastest most efficient cooking method, and not only that, they are easy to clean with just a damp cloth.