Jeanine 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa

Jeanine 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa
Categories: Brands, Fairmont Park
Brand: Fairmont Park
Color: gray
Size: 75.0 H x 230.0 W x 104.0 D cm
1059.99 GBP
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Lotus has a traditional yet modern style that matches well with most contemporary interiors. Made in velvet fabric that is very soft to the touch. Please keep in mind that velvet fabric can look a bit different when exposed to different lighting - it tends to shimmer more in daylight and look more toned down in indoor artificial lighting. The shade of velvet may vary when stroked by hand in different directions and angles. To even out the colour and get rid of dents and creases, the material should be stroked with an open palm in one direction. All dimensions are approximate, please allow room for slight variations. Upholstery Colour: Dark Grey