Leibowitz LED Slim Profile Recessed Lighting Kit

Leibowitz LED Slim Profile Recessed Lighting Kit
Categories: Brands, Symple Stuff
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: white
Size: 1.0 H x 59.5 W cm
84.99 GBP
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LED lights of modern design and of the highest quality, which had been proposed considering the needs of the customers who are not satisfied with common standards. Thanks to its appearance and modern shapes, you will acquire a suitable accessory for lighting your interior. Application areas include not only offices but also public spaces, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, entry halls and households. The lights have been designed for soffits for being installed into a grid system. Nevertheless, thanks to a wide range of accessories, they can be also installed on or build-in into drywalls, or even placed on a concrete base using a frame. Their assembly is easy and can thus be implemented by any layperson. The combination of an aluminium cast, high-quality diffusor and brand-name driver guarantees a long lifespan of these light fixtures. For your safety, the lights are furnished with protection against short circuit, overloading, overheating and overvoltage. Energy savings amounting to approximately 58% and about eight times of the lifespan when compared to tube light fixtures represent some of the biggest advantages of these light fixtures.