Lindsley Soft Close Toilet Seat

Lindsley Soft Close Toilet Seat
Brand: Belfry Bathroom
Color: white
Size: 46.0 H x 3.65 W x 36.5 D cm
22.99 GBP
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The toilet seat is one of the dirtiest items in any bathroom. Different people sit on it several times a day. It can also get soiled by urine and other bodily substances. This is why it is important to clean it regularly. The only problem is, ordinary toilet seats are not the easiest to remove for cleaning. While you don’t mind cleaning a toilet seat, you do mind having to unscrew it every single time. Not only is it time-consuming, but it is also a hassle. You want a seat that can easily be removed so all you will have to do is clean it and put it back for use. This toilet seat is not only durable but also attractive. Made of thermoset, it looks more like ceramic than plastic, giving it an elegant touch. Its glossy white color makes it suitable for most types of toilet bowls. When properly installed, our quick-release toilet seat will stay in place and not slide or slip even with frequent use. The design makes the seat stable so you will never have to worry about it loosening over time. With a soft-closing mechanism, this toilet seat closes down gently and quietly. You can say goodbye to banging toilet seats that can scratch your seat or wake up other people in the middle of the night!