Planet Beauty - Unframed Photograph on Glass

Planet Beauty - Unframed Photograph on Glass
Categories: Brands, Fairmont Park
Brand: Fairmont Park
Color: blue
Size: 46.0 H x 72.0 W x 0.4 D cm
133.99 GBP
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Planet Beauty, Custom-Made Glass Picture, Wall Art Image, Art Print On Glass, No Frame, Living Room, Home Office, New Home, Digital Print

  • Quality crystal clear colours reflect every detail of any motif, the additional gloss effect is just stunning! 4mm Toughened Pilkington glass). Polished edges for safety reasons and to ensure a smooth surface eco-friendly UV print. Easy to mount special fittings (which are included in your delivery) are very easy to fix onto the wall. The picture will just be clicked into those fittings. Super safe and super easy. Each picture is manufactured by craftsmen and specialists who care for details and professional results to ensure customers satisfaction. Easy to clean with glass cleaner and a cloth. Ink is getting sprayed directly onto the glass and instantly cured through a special UV process. A bright, opaque layer of white ink is applied on the back of the glass which brings each print to life and is adding depth to the overall colour. Digital prints do not fade over time. Simply provide a photo, a quote, a pattern, a collage, decide for measurement and - let us do the rest!
  • Wall art plays a big part in how to feel energetic and positive. Art should be for everyone, which means affordable. Level up your quality of life decisions for your favourite top-quality photo art delivered to your doorstep. Glass wall art pictures make an individual statement: Modern, unique, easy to hang, timeless. The exclusive artwork closes the gap in the market, giving enthusiastic homeworkers and experienced interior designers alike an entry into the world of photo art and classy affordable design. Producing modern art with the latest technology and skilled craftsmanship, the results are always of the highest quality. In this way, glassy London is able to offer an enjoyable art experience for everyone. They are working with a wide range of artists, young photographers as well as popular designers, painters and creators today it is no longer enough to create, but to make artworks accessible to a large audience - in a new way. They believe that visual art is no longer a closed world, it should be accessible and affordable for everyone.
  • Product Type: Photograph
  • Primary Art Material: Glass
    • Primary Art Material Details:
  • Additional Materials:
  • Colour: Blue
  • Number of Items Included: 1
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Wall Mounting Hardware: Yes
    • Number of Wall Hooks: 4
  • Built-in Lighting: No
    • Bulb Type:
    • Bulb Included:
    • Power Source:
  • Subject: Landscape & Nature;Nautical & Beach
  • Animals: Not an Animal
  • Other Animals: No
  • Plants & Flowers: Not Flowers
  • Other Plants & Flowers: No
  • Transportation Type: Not Transportation
  • Other Transportation Type: No
  • People: Not People
  • Sports & Sports Teams: Not Sports & Sports Teams
  • Other Sports & Sports Teams: No
  • Nature Scenes:
  • Other Nature Scenes:
  • Food & Beverage: Not Food & Beverage
  • Other Food & Beverage: No
  • Entertainment and Fashion: Not Entertainment & Fashion
  • Other Entertainment: No
  • U.S. States and Territories: Not U.S. States and Territories
  • Cities: Not Cities
  • Other Cities: No
  • Countries: Not Countries
  • Other Countries: No
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Not Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Other Fantasy & Sci-Fi: No
  • World Cultures: Not World Cultures
  • Other World Cultures: No
  • Abstract and Fractals: Not Abstract and Fractals
  • Other Abstract: No
  • Religion & Spirituality: Not Religion & Spirituality
  • Inspirational Quotes & Sayings: Not Inspirational Quotes & Sayings
  • Maps: Not Maps
  • Education: Not Education
  • Architecture: Not Architecture
  • Advertisements: Not Advertisements
  • Astrology: Not Astrology
  • Framed: No
    • Frame Construction:
    • Frame Material:
    • Frame Colour:
  • Covering/Protection: No
    • Covering/Protection Material:
  • Open Format Type: Mounted with Backing
  • Season: Summer
  • Holiday / Occasion: No Holiday
  • Art Technique: Multi-Colour Photography
  • Grouped Set Type: Single Piece Item
  • Multi Piece Art:
  • Art Production Method: Machine Made
  • Hand-Painted Art:
  • Supplier Free-text Keywords: Wall Art Printed Directly Onto Glass, Design Large Glass Wall Picture, Easy to Mount, Image or Photo Glass Print for Your Home or Office
  • Title: Planet Beauty
  • Batteries Needed:
    • Battery Type:
    • Number of Batteries:
  • Embellishments/Special Finishes: Yes
    • Embellishment Effect:
    • Embellishment Type: Machine Embellished
    • Technique:
  • Production