Sheer Roman Blind

Sheer Roman Blind
Categories: Brands, Symple Stuff
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: gray
Size: 130.0 H x 40.0 W x 2.0 D cm
87.99 GBP
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This is a pleated blind in a fixed size, without drilling. Light protection is simple installation, including accessories, effective light and privacy protection, infinitely adjustable, and the ideal combination of function and decoration. There are many sizes to choose from in fixed dimensions so that the right pleated blind is available for every window. It is simply attached to the frame without drilling and can be clamped in a few simple steps. In the event of a later move, the roller blind can be removed and re-hung without leaving any marks. In addition, the large selection of colours is very advantageous, so the clamping pleated blind fits in with any interior. The fabric has a slightly textured surface. The “Klemmfix Pisa” pleated blind from Symple Stuff looks homely and appealing in all colours. All the advantages mean that it can beautify the window as well as the room at once. The top and bottom rails are made of white lacquered aluminium and measure 20mm x 20mm. Light protection - without darkening: The elegant crushed optics let daylight through and is also an optimal privacy screen. It creates an extraordinary light atmosphere in the room. Please only use fixed measuring tapes, e.g. a folding rule. The width and height measured by you are also the order size. Pleated blind mounting is very easy and practical! With the enclosed adhesive/ clamping carriers, the pleated blind system can be mounted directly on the window sash (frame thickness 15-24mm) without drilling or screws. To determine the order width, measure from the middle of the frame on the left to the middle of the frame on the right. Please make sure to check whether the fabric can run past the window handle. In order to cover the pane completely, however, the border width should be at least 4cm wider than the pane. Includes assembly instructions and accessories. Design: structured crush surface with light protection quality; solid colour; material: 100% polyester. Care instructions: easy to clean. Pleated blinds are easy to clean. Dust should be removed by regular sweeping with a soft brush. In case of heavy stains, wipe with a damp cloth-avoid strong rubbing. Used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room, and study. Size: 130cm L x 40cm W