Skeens Stainless Steel Draining Rack

Skeens Stainless Steel Draining Rack
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: gray
Size: 13.0 H cm
42.54 GBP
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Save yourselves the trouble of drying out dishes and use the drying rack, where directly after washing, the dishes will start to air-dry. The collection tray will prevent puddles of water in your kitchen. The drying rack and coaster are made out of shiny, chromed stainless steel. A classic look, and are easy to clean. The cutlery tray is made out of synthetic material and features two compartments for knives or forks. This dish-dryer comes in the L size, and is ideal for smaller kitchens with less utility space. Because of its space-saving size, the draining rack is also perfect for trailers or while out camping. No more puddles of water after drying dishes.