Solar Pool Shower ULTIMATE Rustic Brown - 40L

Solar Pool Shower ULTIMATE Rustic Brown - 40L
Brand: Dakota Fields
Size: 33.0 H x 225.0 W x 22.0 D cm
999.99 GBP
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CROSS Beige Solar Pool Shower with Foot Rinse 40L Features: Has a solar collector, capacity 40L Black aluminium tank Cross mixing taps (cold and hot water) Round shower head Diameter 200mm Frontal available in 7 different finishes Frontal panel of 114 mm wide, in enamelled steel finish or stainless steel AISI 304 Enamelled steel available colours: white, beige, orange, blue, pink, rustic brown Galvanised steel AISI 304 Water inlet 1/2" male or 1/2" female in stainless steel Anti-corrosion coating and treatment Fixing to the floor with zinc-plated screws Connection to a cold water supply (mains connection) with a supply hose. anchoring set: screws, dowels and washers in steel drain screws in stainless steel AISI 316 Self-supporting Pool shower with foot rinse This shower is also available without foot rinse Weight : 15kg THE FIRST STRAIGHT solar pool shower IN THE WORLD (19932013) European manufacture