Symple Stuff Braefell Handheld Steam Cleaner and Steam Lau

Symple Stuff Braefell Handheld Steam Cleaner and Steam Lau
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Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: yellow
Size: 21.0 H x 30.0 W x 15.0 D cm
28.01 GBP
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Powerful steam cleaning in a handheld device. You can use this steamer for lots of different tasks - cleaning seals, steel, glass, tiles, curtains, carpets and similar materials, worktops and much, much more. It comes with a variety of different attachments to carry out jobs on different surfaces. The high 900W-1050W means it steams out a 105°C temperature for 8-10 minutes, giving you plenty of time for cleaning lots of stuff. Comes with safe anti-dry protection, finished with a long cable. Nine pieces included funnel, water funnel, extension nozzle, spray nozzle, spray nozzle for doors/windows, long spray nozzle, round brush nozzle, bent spray nozzle and towel sleeve. Chemical-free and safe around kids and pets (too not leave steam unattended). Protection cap, anti-dry and power-off protection for extra safety and precaution. For cleaning is sinks, stoves, carpets, clothes, mattresses, car seats, kid and pet toys and supplies. Easy carry: it’s lightweight and comes with a handle. 2.8m power cord for long-distance cleaning. Pressurised steam helps eliminate grease, dirt, bacteria, stains and more The steam cleaner will be ready in only 3 to 5 minutes with a power range of 105°C steam, with 900W-1050W power range, steam lasts for 8-10 minutes. Heats up in 5 minutes