Tenderloin Raclette Grill

Tenderloin Raclette Grill
Brand: Klarstein
Color: gray
Size: 19.5 H x 56.5 D cm
92.95 GBP
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The raclette grill brings articulated innovation to the sociable grilling and cheese fun. For this purpose, the electric grill offers 8 pans for gratinating, a metal grill plate for frying, and a plate made of natural stone for low-fat grilling. The innovation, however, is the longitudinally divided construction with storage on a 360° appliance base. This creates a variety of possibilities for positioning the raclette grill on the table: as usual as a compact grill, folded out lengthwise as a long bar, across a corner, or even as a v. In this way, you can adapt them perfectly to the space available. Especially practical: both grill halves have their own on/off switch so that you can also raclette in a small group, but only have to set up half the device. The grill is also convinced with its equipment. The heat on the one hand the eight non-stick coated pans and on the other hand the natural stone and the metal grill plate. The former is made of polished granite and has a milled groove to drain off frying fat. The metal plate is made of non-stick die-cast aluminum and has heat fins to give the meat a delicious roast. Each pan also comes with a wooden spatula that can be used to move melted cheese or turn food on the plate without scratching the surfaces.