Buy Furniture online

The greatest thing about purchasing online furniture is that you can upgrade your home, in the comfort of your home!

Whether you're on the hunt for the best sleeper sofa or need a nightstand for your bedroom, we’ve got you covered with only the best furniture online.

Tips for Visualizing Furniture in Your Space

When buying furniture online, look past the screen and visualise the piece in your space. A low-budget option is to get out a roll of painters tape and tape off the dimensions. Walk through the space with your tape measure pulled to the height of the piece and make sure it feels in line with the scale of the rest of the available space.

From there, play house. Pull a chair up to your taped-on table and set it for dinner. Pass a dish or deal a hand of cards to see how the size works. Remember blanket forts? Arrange cardboard boxes, side chairs, or stacks of books to the dimensions of the piece you're considering. Drape them with a sheet to better understand the bulk and proportions.

How to Choose Using Measurements

Use the dimensions of a room's anchor pieces as the basis for choosing the smaller ones like chairs, consoles, and lamps. Then you can use those handy filters built into most websites to target the workable options. Logistics may not be the most glamorous part of design and decoration, but once you know the facts behind the fancy, selecting pieces that make you happy and that you love becomes fun.

Dining Room Furniture Dimensions

The standard height for dining chairs is 19 inches tall, and options range between 18 and 20 inches. Choose taller or shorter seats based on the table's (or your family's) height. Your decision between chairs with arms or armless will depend on the table and if it has an apron below it or not.

Living Room Furniture Dimensions

When choosing end tables, use the height of your sofa to determine the ideal size. The perfect table height should be right about where the sofa arm is. For coffee tables, it's all about length. A coffee table should be between half to two-thirds the overall length of the sofa.

Bedroom Furniture Dimensions

Ideally, the maximum depth for your bedside nightstand is 24 inches. The top of the nightstand should be even with the top of the mattress. A couple inches above or below is acceptable, but more than that isn't functional.