White Goods

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Large electrical appliances, usually found in the kitchen are often known as white goods. This is because items like fridges used to be coated in white enamel. However, all kitchen and laundry appliances are still known as white goods, even if they are silver, black or any number of fashionable colours.

Some examples of white goods in our homes include:

• Fridges/Fridge freezers/freezers

Washing machines

Tumble dryers

• Cookers and ovens

• Air conditioners

• Dishwashers

How To Organise Your Kitchen Appliances

How you organise kitchen appliances depends on what type of cook you are. The way you store those appliances in the kitchen cabinets will be up to which ones you use the most. If you're a raw food lover, your blender will be front-and-centre. Vegans will have their pressure cooker ready to use at all times, and meat-eaters have their slow cooker and indoor grills on hand. No matter what type of cook you are, there are four steps in the process:

• Group by use

• Pare down appliances

• Cut cabinet clutter

• Upkeep

How To Clean White Goods

In general, you can wipe down most white goods with a damp cloth and dish soap, and dry everything off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Baking soda is also an excellent all-purpose cleanser when you need a little extra help with stubborn messes.

Vinegar is also great for cleaning the inside and outside of white goods, including stainless steel. Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spray down appliances. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution. Don't use abrasive pads, which can scratch the surface of appliances.

Small appliances can be just as important in the kitchen as the big white goods. And while they may take up less space, they still attract their fair share of grime and excess. Give small appliances a wipe-down after you use them and do a more in-depth cleaning from time to time. How often depends on the frequency of use. Use a small toothbrush to clean all the crevices and be sure to tackle the undersides of the appliance, too. It is important to make sure the appliance is unplugged during your cleaning session.