Elrasheed Display Cabinet

Elrasheed Display Cabinet
Categories: Furniture, Cabinets
Brand: Ebern Designs
Color: black,brown
Size: 200.0 H x 150.0 W x 47.0 D cm
1169.99 GBP
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Striking, sturdy sliding door cabinet- sanded, fsc-certified, pinewood- handy; both storage and display space! The swing sliding door cabinet is a striking item in your interior! With its ample display space and fine drawers, the swing offers enough room for all your decorations and things you prefer to keep out of sight. The sliding door of the swing wardrobe is a generous stage for the most beautiful prints, books and/or magazines. Bring out the styling talent in you. Warning tripping hazard! For wardrobes higher than 70 cm, they recommend paying extra attention to the wall mounting. Mounting the fall prevention prevents accidents and keeps the cabinet from tipping over. The material of the pine furniture in the collections is FSC -certified and is treated in various ways. For instance, sanded pine is very smooth and tidy and brushed pine is known for its characteristic grain pattern and weathered appearance. For an even more robust look, pinewood is bandsawn. Pine is characterised by a light yellow colour and visible flame markings. The interior of the left section of the cabinet consists of 5 storage compartments and the right section has 4 storage compartments with two equal drawers. This makes the swing sliding door cabinet a wonderful storage space combined with the looks of a beautiful and unique cabinet. Maintenanceuntreated pinewood has a relatively short lifespan, on average 5-10 years. For this reason, they treat the pine furniture to significantly extend its life. Treated pinewood is easy to keep clean with a slightly damp cloth. To avoid rings and spots in the wood, it is advisable to dry damp spots immediately. Delivery sliding door cabinet is delivered as a kit and is easy to assemble with the aid of the enclosed assembly instructions. To protect hard floors, the place felt gliders on the bottom. It is recommended to pay extra attention to fall protection.